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Google Pixel Watch Price and Feature Leaks Revealed | 2022

The Google Pixel Watch has been rumored for years now. The first rumor involving a Google smartwatch came six years ago.

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch has been talked about for a long time. The first report of a Google smartwatch surfaced about six years ago. However, when the company’s hardware head Rick Osterloh killed the plan, the device didn’t seem sufficient to warrant a release along with the launch of the Pixel. The rumors of the Google Pixel Watch were revived in August 2020 after ETNews revealed that Samsung received an order from Google to create a body-movement sensor in the smartwatch.

Although no official information has been revealed, the initial leaks reveal a round watch face with two buttons. Additionally, there is talk of two sizes and four different colors of straps.

The costs of these watches aren’t cheap, so you can expect to see the Google Pixel Watch be priced higher than those of Fitbit and the Apple Watch Series 7.

Google Pixel Watch Features

According to a new report, the Pixel Watch will have basic functions, like heart rate monitoring and step counting.

The acquisition by Google of Fitbit could also mean that the Fitbit application would become part of the brand new Wear OS. The integration rumored to be made to Fitbit will be code-named “Nightlight.” A photo from the Pixel Watch showing a Fitbit logo and a running count of calories burned was released by 9to5Google.

You can be expected that the Pixel Watch will run Wear OS 3.1, which is comparable with Android’s Wear OS OS system. Wear OS is the OS employed in Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch. The leaked screenshots from the UI for the watch indicate that it will feature Google Maps and voice calling capabilities, and Google Play. We hope that this new technology will offer a better user experience and greater connection to Google services.

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel watch Release Date

Google Pixel Watch will be available by the beginning of the quarter of 2022. So anticipate that the new model will be available shortly. While the exact launch date is not yet known, the device that is rumored to be in development is expected to launch in May, along with Google’s Pixel 6a. If Google is putting off launching its Pixel Watch at Google I/O the event, it might also announce this device in later years.

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There is a lot of speculation & speculation that the nearer gets Pixel Watch is to becoming a reality and, the more likely it will be to become a success. The date of its release will be announced later in the year.

Google Pixel watch Sizes & Colour

Pixel Watch Pixel Watch may come in three sizes, and it is possible to have a cellular version of the watch. The watch could be available in various colors as well.

Google Pixel Watch Leaks

Although the leaks aren’t confirmed, the tagtech414’s Pixel Watch looks like previous leaks and renders. The owner claims that he was gifted the watch by a relative and was astonished to see that it was shipped with a different strap. It could be that it was due to the barkeeper’s error that he did not take it along since the watch was delivered separately.

Rumors claim that Pixel Watch may be a fitness tracker. Google purchased Fossil’s smartwatch technology for $40 million in 2000 and referred to it under various names since Google bought it. Yet It hasn’t decided on the official name, but a patent application filed by Google reveals that the watch may be called “Pixel Watch” – a title that could be used for both the phone and the wearable.

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