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Apple Car Project Could Offer Windowless VR Experience. 2022

It’s no secret that Apple has been working on developing an electric car (Apple Car) to compete with Tesla and other companies in the rapidly growing electric vehicle market. After years of secrecy, the project is becoming more widely known as it grows bigger, bringing in new employees with backgrounds in automotive engineering, manufacturing, and software development from companies like Tesla, Ford, GM, Aston Martin, Ferrari, and more recently BMW.

Apple’s project to create an electric car was first revealed earlier this year, and the company is apparently moving forward with its plans as the technology giant recently posted dozens of job listings related to its electric car project.

While Apple has remained relatively tight-lipped about its Apple car project and what it might entail, one patent application has offered some insight into how Apple might design the driver’s experience in its future vehicles, including how it could incorporate virtual reality technology into that experience, providing a windowless view to the outside world while the vehicle is in motion.

Apple Car | Windowless Virtual Reality Experience

Apple’s rumored electric car project could take on Tesla with an innovative approach to the digital experience behind the wheel. According to people familiar with the matter, the Cupertino-based company is considering replacing traditional windows in its electric car with high-definition displays that show images of outside scenery, and some inside cabin screens could even offer virtual reality entertainment options such as movies and games, if recent patent filings are any indication. If implemented in Apple’s car, passengers would be able to play games, watch movies or surf the Web without distractions from the real world.

The Apple Car project has been a big secret at Apple but word of it is finally beginning to leak out. One of our industry sources reports that one feature being discussed is adding virtual reality so riders can feel like they are in a different location. The idea would be to make riders think they are seeing something outside, such as an ocean view, but there wouldn’t actually be any windows in their car.

Apple Car Features

Apple car is reportedly a committed project with nearly 1000 employees already working on it. According to reports, Apple’s electric car will feature autonomous driving technology as well as a virtual reality experience through a large infotainment system in every passenger seat. Several patents for autonomous driving and blind-spot monitoring have been discovered in recent months, showing that Apple is serious about getting into cars.

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This could easily be an effort by Apple to enhance vehicle safety features; however, there are reports that indicate Apple may be planning on building its own self-driving car. So if Apple is creating its own self-driving software and integrating virtual reality experiences into its vehicles, what could it look like?

Is there a better way?

The Apple Car project has been a topic of speculation for years, with many assuming that Project Titan would culminate in an electric vehicle. Even if that turns out to be true, though, there’s no guarantee that a product will become a market success. Looking at past electric cars like Tesla, Faraday Future and Fisker shows just how big of a challenge it is to produce vehicles appealing enough to consumers.

Apple Car, Windowless Virtual Reality Experience
Apple Car Windowless Virtual Reality Experience

While electric cars aren’t doomed yet, carmakers need to look for novel ways to make them interesting or risk producing another dud. Apple may be one step ahead here by taking advantage of virtual reality technology, where companies like Samsung and Oculus are already devoting resources.

Apple Car | The future of transportation

It’s an intriguing question for Apple. The company is reportedly working on a car, code-named Project Titan. Details about Apple’s rumored vehicle have been sparse, but it could be outfitted with virtual reality features like those found in Oculus Rift. If that were to happen, it would mark one of Silicon Valley’s first major attempts at bringing VR tech to a traditional consumer device that you can use every day.

Apple Car | Will we even need a steering wheel?

The Apple Car is expected to be more of a computer on wheels that does most of its driving autonomously. An iCar could mean we may not even need a steering wheel and ultimately, no windows, either. That’s because there won’t be much need for us to control it or look out of it—instead we will just see what Apple wants us to see through virtual reality headsets. They’ll almost be like video game characters. Think: The Sims meets Back to the Future Part II and you start to get an idea of how it might feel in an Apple-designed car.

Apple Car | How will virtual reality affect our lives?

Apple is already said to be developing its own electric car. As Apple reportedly looks into building self-driving cars, virtual reality could make that experience even more interesting. An Apple Car with no windows could instead offer passengers a windowless virtual reality experience while they’re on the road.

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Perhaps they’ll feel like they’re playing games, watching movies or traveling to new locations around town. While passengers will be immersed in their VR world, Apple can use data from its car cameras and sensors to better understand how drivers behave in autonomous vehicles – without involving humans at all. Apple could potentially test hundreds of drivers per day using virtual reality rather than putting people in actual cars every day!

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