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Upcoming Apple HomePod Rumored to Launch in Early 2023

According to reliable sources, Apple will be launching the Apple HomePod, an Amazon Echo competitor, in early 2023. This news comes from the same sources that accurately predicted the launch of the iPhone SE and iPhone 5 in 2016 and 2012, respectively. The report also claims that Apple will begin pre-selling orders of the Apple HomePod after Christmas this year and that shipping will begin in February 2023. The price of the device is also unknown at this time.

In what will be its largest new product launch in years, Apple (AAPL) has plans to release its rumored Siri-enabled new Apple HomePod in early 2023, according to a report from Reuters. Details of the HomePod were unveiled during Apple’s March 2018 keynote presentation and aim to take on Amazon’s (AMZN) popular Alexa-enabled Echo and Google’s (GOOG) rapidly improving Home devices in the smart speaker market.

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The speaker, which will compete with devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, can be controlled by Siri, Apple’s personal digital assistant. It will learn preferences over time by listening to users’ music preferences and other commands.

Apple Gears Up For An Early Launch.

HomePod, Apple’s answer to Amazon Echo and Google Home, has been a long time coming. It was first announced in June 2017 alongside iOS 11 and hasn’t yet been released. Now, Apple is rumored to be gearing up for an early launch of HomePod ahead of its 10th anniversary next year. The company may have originally wanted HomePod out by now. Still, according to a report from Bloomberg citing sources familiar with Apple’s plans, it doesn’t make sense for them to ship a product before Christmas. However, by early 2023, HomePod should be available for purchase.

Upcoming Apple HomePod Design

Apple is planning a new Apple HomePod design that features a larger, 8-inch woofer and space for front-facing cameras and microphones, according to Mac Otakara. The updated speaker should launch by early 2023, although it’s unclear if Apple will refresh its first-generation smart speaker with these changes or wait until a second-generation model.

Apple HomePod 2023

Upcoming Apple HomePod | The next generation of Siri

Apple is known for releasing innovative products such as the Apple HomePod, The next generation of Siri, and Google Glass. Siri is a virtual assistant that allows you access to your emails, schedule, and other everyday things using just your voice. These things are also available from other technology companies like Alexa from Amazon, Google Home, and Bixby from Samsung, but nothing can come close to Apple.

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Apple has been trying its best to develop Siri into a more interactive way of interacting with users, but they have not been able to go far in terms of development. Reports suggest that Apple might be coming up with a device called HomePod Mini, giving more power over commands. This product may be launched by early 2023

Tim Cook Hints At New Features. | Upcoming Apple HomePod

Apple first released the Apple HomePod over a year ago, and most critics seem to agree that it didn’t live up to its potential. A recent phone call with shareholders reveals that Apple CEO Tim Cook is quite aware of its shortcomings and hints at new features coming down the pipeline. Specifically, Mr. Cook indicates that new versions of Apple’s smart speaker will arrive soon.

He doesn’t indicate whether they will be similar iterations or if they might feature significant design changes. Still, if these rumors prove true, we could see a smaller (and cheaper) model and an updated version with much-improved audio quality within months of each other—something which may further fuel demand for connected home devices in general.

Upcoming Apple HomePod | Possible competitors

Google Home and Amazon Echo will likely introduce new products soon, but they’re unlikely to catch up with Apple’s HomePod by early 2023. [Sources: CNN Money, TechCrunch]. Apple has been working on an updated version of its smart speaker for some time now as it continues to compete with other big players in AI technology.

Upcoming Apple HomePod Expected Price

Upcoming Apple HomePod Expected Price will be $399.99 (approximate), will start shipping in early 2023. Apple’s Upcoming New HomePod Price is high compared with its rival smart speakers from Google and Amazon. However, it is expected that Apple’s upcoming Apple HomePod Price could still sell well despite being more expensive than Google Home and Amazon Echo Lineup.

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