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Alert !! WhatsApp Scam !! 2022 | Hyjack Accont with a Call

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Alert!! WhatsApp Scam!! There is a new WhatsApp Scam from which the hackers will hack and take control of your device and will hyjack all the personal information from your phone!!

A report by Gizchina, cybersecurity we have been noticing there is whatsapp scam going from which hackers are hacking the device and taking away all the personal information from the customers device. The entire process is going on through phone calls. They are randomly calling and then forwarding the call to hyjack the data and information.

This is much easy way of hacking because is one of the most commonly used platform for mode of communication across the world. With its population, it has also made breeding ground to hackers and scamers.

WhatsApp Scam Recognised By

This scam was first recognised by Rahul Sasi (CEO of CloudSEK). According to him, the hackers first calls randomly and then requests the customer to dial a number as they instructs. And if the customers by chance dials the number, then they fall into a trap, the customer will automatically be logged out from the WhatsApp and the hackers will take control over the account.

Rahul Sashi explains that the numbers which the customers are dialling are service request numbers for example like Airtel and Jio to forward the call.
Then the number automatically diverts,and the customers hears that the number is busy or engaged.

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The hackers have been doing this to forward the customers number into their system so that they can able to get access to the customers original account. This entire process is being carried on within this few minutes.

Then the hackers start whatsapp registration process on their device, and takes the OTP for verification from the customers and gets easily access to their accounts.

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The customers must not give any access of their device through any phone calls because they will fall into a trap resulting in hyjacking all their details, data and information from their phones. This might also lead to serious cyber crimes. The hackers can also use this in illegal ways and the victim will be customers.

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