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Check WhatsApp New Group Update 2022. Easy way Find Old Group Member

WhatsApp is going new feature (WhatsApp New Group Update) which can display the list of group chats of a participant after they leave the group:

WhatsApp New Group Update Highlights

All users using WhatsApp can see the group chat of the list of persons who have left the group within 60 days on the iOS platform.

WhatsApp New Group Update Feature

WhatsApp is bringing new features every day and testing on its Beta software updates and will now bring group chat changes.

The Meta-owned instant messaging service has done multiple testing operations from over groups containing 512 members simultaneously, allowing them to leave the group silently after they have started testing this feature where the rest of the group chat participants can view the participants who left the group within 60 days. This feature is called “Past Participants.”

WaBetaInfo brought the feature in the WhatsApp beta for iOS update.

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This will allow WhatsApp to bring out a broader spectrum of features, allowing the users to leave the group silently without notifying others. And the existing participants can view the left participants within 60 days of their leave. But after completing 60 days, the names of past participants will be automatically removed from the list.

In the previous month, WhatsApp has been testing a new feature in which the users of WhatsApp can delete the messages they have sent for 12 hours or about 2 days after they have been sent.

The instant messaging service has already started testing “Voice Status”, where users can record quick audio notes in WhatsApp chats. The whatsApp status update has been found on other platforms, including Instagram and Snapchat.

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