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® The New PikaShow App: Safe or Not ? | 2023

If you’re reading this, then the chances are that you’ve heard of the popular app Pikashow. The app allows users to watch hundreds of movies and TV shows on their Android devices, all at no cost to them except for the app’s initial download. This has quickly made Pikashow one of the most popular entertainment apps available on the Internet.

However, while there are many apps like Pikashow on the market today, only one offers access to live TV, movies, and sports events – and it’s not Pikashow.

With so many different streaming services available, it can be difficult to sift through all the noise to find what you’re looking for. With the new Pikashow app, Android users can easily access their favorite television shows and movies and live sports events on their mobile devices. No more fumbling with complicated set-top boxes or long streaming buffering times! Here’s how the Pikashow app works and how you can watch live TV on your Android device right now!

Pikashow also gives you access to over 100 TV channels from around the world and live news and sports updates.

What is the New Pikashow App?

The Pikashow app is an android app that allows us to watch Live TV on our device free of cost. The unique aspect of pikashow is that it works across all smart devices, be it Android or IOS, or PC. This means we can switch between different mediums without installing multiple apps!

There have been many conflicting reports regarding whether using pikashow is safe. While there have been some security issues regarding older versions of pikashow, these issues have been taken care of in subsequent updates. If you are still suspicious, you can always take a safety measure by uninstalling your old version when you download your new update.

How does Pikashow App work?

The Pikashow app brings together all of your favorite live channels in one place. Whether you’re a fan of sports, movies, or news, you’ll find something to watch. Best of all? It’s completely free! Open up the app and pick from hundreds of available channels. Then kick back and enjoy as your media streams directly to your device.

PikaShow App

Once downloaded from Internet, it will allow you to have full access to thousands of hours of video content.

Pikashow App Specification and Features

What kind of content will I get with Pikashow App? According to Organization, Pikashow is designed for you to stream your favorite sports events or watch your favorite movies. You’ll need to download it from its website, which will require you to create an account. Then you can access a live feed of TV channels worldwide. This app also has a huge library of full-length movies (Over 60,000+) that you can watch without paying any additional fees. The interface is extremely easy to use as well.

Other features include a detailed search feature, which allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Pikashow App Features

  • Do not need to register an account
  • Biggest movies database with more than 100.000 movies & TV show always update frequently
  • Show details, series, seasons, cast, crew, reviews of movie and episode TV show
  • Play latest official movie trailer
  • Get Notify by the latest movies
  • Time saving with great searching UI
  • Save movie to your favorite your list

Why is Pikashow the best?

There are a lot of free streaming apps out there that offer the same features as Pikashow, but if you’re looking for a combination of features with an intuitive interface then Pikashow is definitely the best option. The Pikashow app is easy to install and doesn’t require any extra configuration. Plus it works with any Android device which makes it very convenient to use.

The New Pikashow App: Safe or Not ?

Recently there has been news about how an app on an android phone can be a hack. Some companies take care of your information, such as credit card numbers and social security. But in The Pikashow app, you don’t need to put any personal information like information such as credit card numbers; that’s why it is safe.

PikaShow App

It is safe to use Pikashow app. For iPhone users, Pikashow App is available but it needs a Jailbreak. If you have android phone or tablet then no need to do anything except downloading Pikashow app from Internet.

According to the users, different judgments are available regarding the safety of this app. Let’s see, what are the users saying about this?

Negative Review on Pikashow App

Negative Review on Pikashow App

Positive Review on Pikashow App


How to Secure your Phone from Pikashow App?

When you first install the Pikashow App on your phone, you must keep a few things in mind. You can easily secure your phone from Pikashow App with a few steps. Take a look at what to do after installing the app.

1st Step

First, you need to go to ‘App Info‘ of the Pikashow App.
From there, you need to click on the ‘App Permissions‘ option.

How to Secure your Phone from Pikashow App?

2nd Step

If you see ‘File and Media’ or ‘Location’ Permissions Allowed, Disallow it immediately.
It is better not to allow any Permissions; you can only allow Internet Connection Permissions in this app.

How to Secure your Phone from Pikashow App?

How Can I use Pikashow App Safely?

According to many users, Pikashow is not fully secure. You shoud use VPN software for useing Pikashow App. Pikashow is not available on the play store; You can only download it from a third-party source, which will increase the chance of hacking and tracking personal user activities.

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When you use Pikashow to stream it, it will do so silently and shrewdly hack your device to steal the data of your device and breach your privacy. However, with the help of a VPN, you can alter your IP address and access everything you want on Pikashow. With VPN, you do not need to be concerned about buffering issues or a slow internet connection.

If you attempt to install Pikashow on your computer, you should enable the “Allow Unknown Sources” option. This is an alert type that your device is set to.

Additionally, using the help of a VPN, you are able to access additional content without having to go through the geo-restriction zone. VPN secures you and offers an additional layer of protection to ensure that your information is anonym by anyone else.

You can use these free VPNs to use Pikashow App safely.

VPN is a lightning-fast application that provides a free VPN solution. It doesn’t require any configuration. Just press a button, and you’ll be able to access the Internet in a secure and safe manner. Here is four free VPN app Listed. You Can Easily download it from the Play store.

Why the Pikashow app not in the Play Store?

Because It is an android app that provides us with all its features without paying a single penny, it gives access to premium content paid for and provides new channels according to user demands. The best part of using the pikashow app is no ads at all. We don’t have to go through annoying advertisements while watching videos or streaming live events.

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Why would anyone want to watch ads when they can watch movies, tv shows, and sports events in HD quality? Many apps like these in the play store provide access to premium content, but they charge money. The pikashow app is not available in the play store because some movie studios think it may decrease their income by providing free online access.

They even tried blocking sites from where you can download or stream such apps as Pikashow. So what should we do now? Should we pay to get such apps? Or Should we get worried about downloading such free android apps? Well, here comes another part Movie Piracy Laws.

Pikashow app | Movie Piracy Laws

Online piracy is the practice of downloading and distributing copyrighted content digitally without permission, such as music or movie. Copyrighted content is distributed digitally through the Pikashow app, and they do not seek permission from movie or web series creators.

Pikashow app | Movie Piracy Laws

In Canada Movie Piracy Law

In Canada, movie piracy laws are fairly strict. Pirating movies could mean fines of up to $5 million or five years in prison. U.S. movie piracy laws are less clear-cut but generally follow a similar penalty structure.

In India Movie Piracy Law

This question is quite relevant because of India’s recent High Court ruling against online piracy. Kickass Torrents and PirateBay have been blocked since 2012. Anyone who uses torrent sites like kickass or pirate bay could be punished under section 63 of the Information Technology Act 2000 (the same act that compels ISPs to block adult websites).

Piracy is a criminal act, and the Government of India has finalized some punishments for the same. As per the Cinematograph Act of 2019, if any individual is found recording a film without the written consent of the producers, he or she can face a jail term of up to 3 years and slap with a fine of Rs 10 lakhs.

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With the Pikashow app, anyone can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many other networks’ web series. Where Netflix and Amazon Prime all networks have a specific subscription plan, it is available for free through the Pikashow app. Experts say that piracy is being further enhanced through the Pikashow app.

Next time you are thinking about downloading movies from the internet, keep in mind about piracy laws before doing so. we will also suggest you to use any paid video service instead of pirating movies and tv shows as per following links – Hotstar , Amazon Prime Video , Netflix , HBO Now .

Is it safe to install the app without the play store?

Many popular apps are available from outside Google Play Store. However, it is important to know that these apps might be infected with some malware. So, if you decide to install them anyway, always keep a keen eye. Is it safe to use the app without the play store? Yes, if your chosen app has a lot of downloads, you can assume it’s free from any harmful stuff but still better to get in touch with its developer before installing their app to avoid any mishaps later down the line.

Installing apps from outside Google Play Store is not safe because it could contain malware or any other software that could harm your device somehow. So, it’s always best to download such apps only if big names like Flipkart or Amazon back them.

Pikashow App Logo Inspiration

Pikashow App Logo Inspiration

The logo of the Pikashow App is influenced by ‘Pikachu.’ Pikachu is a very familiar name to those who watched Cartoon Network in the 2000s. Pikachu is a fictional species in the Pokémon media franchise.

Can I download the Pikashow app on iPhone, iPad, or another iOS device?

Yes, the Pikashow app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, or iOS devices. Just download it on your device, open it after installation, and click on the watch live tv option; then, you can view your favorite channels online. Here is the App Store Link Pikashow App IOS

But According to the User This is a Fake app. If it is not Ruing well, there is no other option for an IOS device for now.

Is PikaShow available for PC?

PikaShow is available for android only users. However, installing the PikaShow app on a PC is not impossible. Thousands of people on youtube say that they have successfully installed the PikaShow app on their PC using Bluestacks software. If you want to enjoy PikaShow using your PC, follow a complete guide to downloading PikaShow for PC (Bluestacks Method).

PikaShow App — Free Download

For Pikashow App — Download Link Click Here

How to Install PikaShow APK?

  • First, go to setting and turn on the “Unknown Source” option.
  • After downloading, open the app via the notification bar and begin installing.
  • Press the Install button.
  • After that it will start installing automatically.
  • When installation is completed successfully then press open button on your android device to start using PikaShow app.

FAQ Related PikaShow App


Is PikaShow available for PC?

You can use PikaShow App on PC using Bluestacks software.

How Can I use Pikashow App Safely?

You have to Use VPN for this. Check the Steps. Click Here.

How to Secure your Phone from Pikashow App?

When you first install the Pikashow App on your phone, you must keep a few things in mind. You can easily secure your phone from Pikashow App with a few steps. Take a look at what to do after installing the app. Chcek step Click Here.

Disclaimer : We, 10dik24 Tech, do not support Piracy in any way. This post is a Knowledge base post. We do not encourage you to use any app. This is not our goal. If you download or use the Pikashow app, you are solely responsible for it; we will not be responsible for it.
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