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Good News. Messenger Payment is Coming soon | 2022 |

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Facebook Messenger is bringing new features to users. It will be easier for users to transfer money or collect funds from other users. Messenger Payment is Coming soon.

Messenger Payment

“We are very happy,” Facebook stated in an article on its blog. We’ll introduce a specific shortcut to Messenger. We’ll offer everyone a completely fresh experience with this new command system. In the same way, users will be able to enjoy the feature. ‘

This Messenger Payment feature is expected to be released shortly. You can configure shortcut commands to utilize this feature. It is “/ pay”. In the announcement, Facebook added, “With the new feature, you can send money for lunch, dinner, or any other bill to another person through Messenger.”

In the past, Facebook Consumer Product Head Meron Kolbecki told the world media that we’re planning to transform Facebook into a service through which everything is possible without leaving Facebook. It is believed that Facebook will announce this feature very soon.

At first, Messenger’s split payment system is being made available within the US for iOS and Android users.

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Messenger is also bringing in new ideas in the area of voice messaging. Users can review and edit their messages before sending the voice message. Facebook wants users to pay their bills by logging into Facebook. By doing this, the Meta-owned Messenger will allow regulating financial activities at no cost and speedy. In addition, the length of the message could range between 1 and 30 minutes, as per Facebook.

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