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How To Delete Ola Account |Delete Ola Account-100% Easy Way

How To Delete Ola Account ?; If you want to know this, you are coming to the right place. We, 10dik24 Tech, assure you that you can quickly delete your Ola Account by Reading our Article. So Please Read our full Article Carefully.

OLA is a ridesharing service that allows users to request a car from their smartphone. The service is available in major cities across India and is a convenient way to get around town.

Getting an Ola account is easy; you only need to download the app and register on their site. However, it’s also easy to delete your Ola account, should you ever want to. If you have decided to delete your Ola account, then this Article will guide you to delete your Ola account in simple steps. Here’s How To Delete Ola Account in just a few simple steps.

1. How To Delete Ola Account Steps

If you search how to delete Ola account in Ola App, you will not get any option to delete Ola account. To delete the Ola account, you need to mail Ola Customer Care. You can quickly delete your Ola account by sending Ola Customer Care a Mail. See how to send how to delete ola account permanently Mail.

  • Open Your Email App
  • Log in Your Ola Varify Email Id.
  • Now Write a Email to Ola Customer care to Request them to delete my Ola account permanently.
  • Now Send this Email to Ola Customer Care Mail Id : [email protected]

How to Write an Email to Ola Custermer Care, to Delete Ola Account

Sub: Delete Ola Account.

I want to request to delete my Ola account permanently.
My registered email is __ .
My registered Phone no __ .
I have been using your service for a while now and am no longer in need of it.
I would appreciate it if you could delete my account and all my personal information.
Thank you for your time,
Your Name.

How To Delete Ola Account, Delete Ola Account
How To Delete Ola Account, how to delete ola account permanently

Ola Customer Care Reply, Regarding Delete Ola Account

After You Email Ola will send you a Reply Email Like this

Warm greetings from Ola,

Thank you for providing us with informetion about your issue
| have forwarded the details to the concemed team and they
are working on it right now.

Let me assure yeu we will do everything necessary to get this
addressed at the earliest.

Should you have any queries, espond to this email ar kindly
reach us by using the ‘call us’ option from the suppert section
Inthe app:

Thank you,
Ola Support

  • After this, Ola Will surely Delete Your Account.

Note : If you not any Verify Email Id, you can not delete Ola Account. Check How to Verify your Email Id with Ola.

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How to Verify Your Email Id, In Ola App

If you want to delete Ola Account, fisrt you need a Varify your Mail Id. Check this Easy steps to Verify Your Email Id, In Ola App.

  • Open Ola App.
  • Now Click on Left Up Three Line Option.
  • Then Click on My Profile Option.
  • Click On Your Phone & Mail Id Option.
  • Now Enter Your Mail Id and Click Verify Email.
  • Now Click on Resend Email.
  • Open your Mail Id & Chcek Ola verification mail.
  • Click on the Ola Given Link.
  • Now Your Ola Account, Email Id is Successfully Verified.
  • Now you can follow the above Step to delete Ola Account.

2. Delete Ola Account, By Calling

You can delete Ola account by calling Customer Care. Call Ola Customer Care, they will help to to Delete Ola Account.

Customer Care NameCastomer Care Number
Ola Phone number080-67350900
Additional Help9538043753
Ola Phone number080-46655300

3. How To Delete Ola Postpaid Account ?

Delete Ola Account, How To Delete Ola Account
Delete Ola Account, how to delete ola account permanently

If you wan to Ola postpaid account, Then Follow this Given Steps.

  • Open The App.
  • Select the Profile option from the menu.
  • Now Click on OlaMoney from the drop-down menu.
  • Then Select Postpaid Balance from the options.
  • Now Delete your account by selecting Clear Dues and making a payment using any payment method.

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FAQ Related How To Delete Ola Account

How To Delete Ola Account

How to Delete my Email from Ola Account ?

You can Easyly update your email address by following steps.
1.Open Ola App.
2.Select ‘Manage Profile’ Option.
3.Then Click on the ‘Personal Information’ button.
4. Now a Ola will send you a verification email.
5. Now Open your chosen email address.
6. Now You can modify your details after the Varification.

How to delete my card details from Ola Account ?

You can Easyly delete your card details from Ola Account by following steps.
1. Open Ola App.
2. Now Go to the OlaMoney section.
3. Then Add Money from the Menu Option.
4. If you look your saved card appears on the payments page, That means your card is Saved.
5. To delete your saved card simply swipe it.
6. Now you’ll have the option to remove The Card.
7. Then Remove the Card.


If you’re no longer using your Ola account and want to delete it, follow the steps below. We’ll show you how to delete your account from the app and website. Keep in mind that once you delete your account, you won’t be able to recover it or any of the data associated with it, so be sure you want to do this before proceeding.

Be careful not to download the Ola app again, which may lead to confusion as you might end up with two accounts on your phone. So make sure you log out and delete every trace of Ola from your phone when deleting your account.

Once deleted, if a friend shares their ride request via SMS, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp Message with you, tap the No Thanks button without tapping Request for Me. When an incoming message prompts a new request for rideshare at that moment – ignore it by pressing Decline Request.

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