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How to Delete Ajio account ? Check Easy 7 Steps | 2023

The Ajio website and mobile app are made to help you buy and receive clothes, shoes, and other fashion items quickly and easily.

What Is Ajio ?

This is an online store that sells clothes and accessories from different brands. Ajio Online Shopping Store is a reliable place for consumers who want to buy quality products at a reasonable price.

Ajio offers their customers the best customer service, so you can always count on them to answer your questions and address your concerns in a timely fashion. You can contact them through several different methods, including phone, email, and live chat. For example, you can contact them by using the form on their Contact Us page and they will respond to you within two business days.

How to delete ajio account ? However, there may come a time when you’re no longer interested in using this service and want to delete your account entirely. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to do this! Here’s how to delete your Ajio account permanently.

How To Delete Ajio Account Permanently ?

If you no longer want to use Ajio, it’s easy to delete your account with a button. Whether you’re ready to leave the website or are just testing out the waters, deleting your account will permanently remove your Ajio shopping history and help keep your privacy safe and secure. This article will walk you through How To Delete Ajio Account Permanently so that you can get back to shopping with ease!

Step 1: Go to the Settings Section | How to Delete Ajio account ?

Log in to your account and go to Settings. Once there, please scroll down to My Account and click My account. Simply click on either Delete all data or Delete account, depending on whether you want to remove your personal information or delete everything permanently. Be warned that once you’ve clicked, it’s final; there is no going back.

Step 2: Scroll Down to How Can We Help?

Unfortunately, deleting your account isn’t as simple as filling out a request form or contacting customer service. The good news is that it’s also not nearly as complicated and mysterious as it seems. If you follow these instructions carefully, you can delete ajio account permanently in just a few minutes.

Just follow our step-by-step guide below how to delete ajio account permanently. Remember: Don’t follow any of these steps if you still want to use Ajio when all is said and done! This process won’t leave any negative traces on your accounts, and neither will we! However, there is no going back with security systems in place once gone.

Step 3: Click on Contact Us

Fill out your name, email address, and subject line. Delete account is a fine subject line. You may also want to describe why you’re deleting your account briefly (e.g., it isn’t working for you).

But keep it short—Ajio customer service representatives have many people to chat with every day and will only read what’s in their inboxes for a few seconds at most.

Send them a link to our guide above if it helps your case—they might not get past step 1 on their own if they’re unfamiliar with all of the above instructions. On average, after completing these steps and submitting a request, users report receiving a response from Ajio within three days. But sometimes it takes up to 4 weeks.

Ajio Mail Id

If you want to Contact with Ajio Custormer care check Ajio Mail Id [email protected]

Step 4: Fill out Required Information

Ajio will provide you with various information, including your account name, contact details, and physical address. Make sure you fill out all required fields, as they are crucial in communicating with your recipient.

And when filling out personal information such as phone numbers and email addresses, you must use proper grammar and spelling.

If you enter incorrect data into these sections, it can lead to your package being lost or undelivered. You may also have to provide references or scan a recent utility bill to verify your identity if you do not have an active email address on file already. *Note: if you cannot access any of these items at a time, no worries!

Step 5: Click Send Message

Once you have finished editing your text( Regarding How to Delete Ajio account ? ), click Send Message and wait for a response. Once received, make any necessary edits or changes and click Send Message again.

Make sure that you look over your Message before sending it, as sometimes Facebook will auto-correct or change words into symbols that could alter your Message.

It is also important to proofread to ensure no errors or misspellings in your post. If you have added any links within your post, they will not automatically appear on Facebook, so always remember to add hyperlinks manually while checking them for accuracy. The final step is clicking Send Message one more time! Congratulations! You have successfully used Facebook as a blogging platform!

Step 6. Receive Confirmation Email Regarding How to Delete Ajio account ?

Make sure you receive an email confirming your login information. Click Activate Account in that email, and when you receive an activation confirmation email, click on Click Here under it to activate your account. This will allow you to use major credit cards with no errors at checkout.

How To Delete Ajio Account Permanently

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The time it takes for all of these steps to be completed will vary depending on where you are. If you are using a computer, it should only take about five minutes (if you haven’t already created an account). Once complete, your account will be fully functional and ready for shopping!

Step 7. Confirm Deletion by clicking on the link in the email

Once you have clicked on a link in the email, go back to ajio and click delete account. You will see a screen where it says Are you sure? Deletion is permanent. All your Aijo will delete data. If you want all your data deleted, including addresses, purchase history, etc. Click YES or NO. Hit the yes or no button as per your choice.

All account-related information will be permanently removed from our database, along with your account information from other places like google search result listings.

Done! | How to Delete Ajio account ?

Sometimes we think that deleting an account is permanent, but that’s not always true. Many services will keep a backup of your information so they can reactivate you if you change your mind. To delete your account for good, head over to your account settings and look for Deactivate Account or Delete Your Account.

Once you click on it, you should be prompted with a warning about how deleting your account is permanent, and once it’s done, there’s no going back. If you still want to go through with it, know that Ajio will wipe out all your personal information for good!

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How To Delete Ajio Account Permanently By Sending Mail

how to delete my ajio account

If you want, you can delete your Ajio Account via Email. See how you can delete an account via email.

  • Open the Email, associated with the Email Id of your Ajio Account.
  • Enter the Meesho Care email address [email protected]
  • In the Subject Area, Please Write “Request To Delete My Ajio Account
  • Write an email With The full Details about your problem and request them to delete your Ajio Account from the Meesho database.
  • Now Send the Email
  • After some time, Please Check Your Email Inbox. You will surely get a Reply Email from Ajio Care. Through this process, They will surely Delete Your Account.

How To Delete Ajio Account? Write an email.

Ajio Customer Care Mail Id : [email protected]

Subject: Request To Delete My Ajio Account


I have a Ajio account in your database with the name (Your Name), and the registered email id ( Your associated email id) is connected with it. For some reason, I would not like to continue my account. Therefore, I request that kindle delete my Ajio account and all the emails associated with it.

Thank you for your co-operation. Kindly contact me for further information on this matter. If you need any assistance please contact {Your number}

Kindly keep me informed of the status of this matter.

Sincerely, {Your Name}

Delete Ajio Account Permanently By Calling Ajio Customer Care

Ajio Customer Care is the best way to delete your Olymp Trade Account. Call Ajio Customer Care to Delete your Ajio Account. Call Client Support Department to discuss your issue, and ask How to Delete Ajio account Permanently?

Ajio App Customer Care Number


Lines open from 6am till midnight,
7days a week.

Ajio Web Login Steps | Ajio Com Login

We will share with you the process of logging in your Ajio account. In the case of Ajio, it is not difficult at all. To login in your account on the website (Ajio Web Login), follow these instructions:

  • Go to Ajio Com Login
  • Click on Gmail or Facebook Login Option
  • Login with your Gmail/ Facebook ID
  • Enter your Phone Number
  • Ajio Send You a OTP on the Phone Number
  • Enter the OTP
  • Click Next
  • Successfully login in to the Ajio (ajio com login)
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