AppsNow, You will create Instagram Reels...

Now, You will create Instagram Reels in Within 1 minute.

According to the source, Instagram itself said (about Instagram Reels), "We are trying so that you do not have to bother to make multiple reels from one template."

You can make Instagram Reels more easily this time. Instagram is about to bring its new feature, Templates! Sources said that Instagram, a photo-sharing app under Facebook, experimented with this. And when this feature becomes effective, new reel videos can be created by borrowing short video formats, that is, in the style of that video. This new feature is almost identical to TikTok’s template tool, allowing users to create new videos in the style of some pre-existing videos.

Instagram Reels with Pre-made Video Frame

Instagram noticed this feature of Instagram last January. Screenshots of what the feature might look like at the time were also shared via the net. According to the source, the feature will have the advantage that the user can put their picture in a pre-made video frame.

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It was even claimed that there would be an opportunity to use audio like your own; you have to spend very little time creating trending videos.

Now Instagram offers the opportunity to remix any public video, in there Instagram Reel. You can easily attach yourself to any video. You can post the new video on your profile. Remix Video / Instagram Reels option to tap the camera will be on.

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The original video you want to use can be seen on the left side of the screen. It is also possible to change the audio. There is also the opportunity to increase or decrease the volume, change the audio completely or give a voice-over.

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