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How to Delete MPL Account ? Check 7 Easy Steps | 2023


How to Delete MPL Account Permanently ? If you want to know about this, Read this Article carefully. Mobile Premier League (MPL) is an online gaming platform that offers several different games to play, both online and offline.

How to Delete MPL Account ? | Listen to this article

You might want to delete your MPL account permanently, so it’s important to learn how to do it right so you don’t accidentally create any more MPL accounts in the future. Here’s how to delete MPL account permanently on both Android and iPhone devices.

Are you ready to stop playing Mobile Premier League games, but you’re not sure how to completely delete your MPL account? Here’s what you need to do to delete your MPL account permanently and leave the game forever!

How to Delete MPL Account From Phone App

Here we Discuss how to delete MPL Account From your Phone App. Follow this steps to Delete MPL game account.

  • Open the Mobile Premier League (MPL) App.
  • Click on the ‘WALLET‘ option.
  • After that Scroll down and click ‘HELP‘.
  • Then Tap on ‘MPL HELPDESK‘ Option.
  • Then Go to ‘OTHER‘ Option.
  • Then Click on proceed to ‘DELETE MPL ACCOUNT‘.
  • Go to chat and they’ll inquire about why you deleted the MPL Account.
  • Write “..For some reason, I would not like to continue my account.”
  • Then they will send you an email ID to mail about deleting the account.

Another Ways to Delete MPL Account

Method 1: Deactivate Your Facebook

How to Delete MPL Account Permanently ? Deactivating your account is a lot like shutting down an old Facebook group: You’ll be able to log in and look around if you change your mind. This is handy if you want to leave temporarily but want to return later; however, it’s not a permanent solution.

Keep in mind that deactivating doesn’t delete MPL account completely — it just hides it from public view while still storing all of your posts, photos, and other data associated with your profile on Facebook’s servers.

You can delete all of that information by deleting your account entirely. However, before we dive into that, let’s walk through deactivating first and see what happens to our account.

Method 2: Remove Yourself From The Player Pool

How to Delete MPL Account Permanently ? There are two ways to remove yourself from MPL. The first is to delete your account on their website. Click on Member Center and then on My Profile tab.

You will find a section with a red button that says Delete My Account. Follow instructions after clicking on it, and be sure to print out page one of your mpl agreement if you ever want to rejoin later.

How to Delete MPL Account Permanently

Method 3: Don’t Play While Logged In

Sometimes simply deleting your account is not enough to prevent future reinstatement. If you ever decide to reactivate your account, there’s no way of guaranteeing it won’t be detected and returned to your possession. If you truly want to delete your account permanently, you need to make sure it will never come back.

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You can do that by keeping yourself logged out and using private browsing windows whenever possible. These settings are easily accessible in most browsers, so once again only takes a few seconds out of each gaming session.

Method 4: Contact The MPL Support Team

Many people want a way how to delete my mpl account but don’t know-how. You can’t do it by yourself, and you have to take a more active approach to delete your Mpl account. This can be done by contacting customer support and asking them for help deleting your account.

Usually, customer support will remove your account permanently because that seems like a much better solution than letting you keep an account where you no longer play games on it.

So make sure that if you ask customer support for help, they’ll also explain why they deleted your account permanently and if they should have deleted it or not. is the way you can delete your MPL Account permanently.

You can also reach out to (delete MPL account) customer support from MPL Helpdesk [email protected] Connect to an MPL executive via chat or call and have your queries resolved.

MPL Customer Care

If you Want to Contact with MPL, You can mail to MPL Customer Care [email protected]

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MPL App Login

If you Want to delete MPL account, first you have to Login in your MPL Account. Check this simple stapes, how you can Login In your MPL Account.

  • Download the MPL App. Click this App Link.
  • Select Your Language.
  • For MPL App Login Enter your Phone Number.
  • Now MPL Send you an OTP in Your Phone.
  • Enter The OTP.
  • MPL App Login Successfully.

How to Delete MPL Account | Conclusion 

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is a mobile gaming platform that allows its users to enjoy many types of mobile games, as well as several other features designed to enhance the gameplay experience.

If you’re looking to how to delete mpl account permanently, there are several steps you can take to ensure you will never be able to access the game again, whether it’s through the mobile app or through the MPL website itself. This guide will provide you with all of the necessary steps to completely delete your MPL account and ensure you don’t have any regrets later on down the road!

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Read on to learn how to delete my mpl account so you never have to log back in again. By following this guide, you will easily delete the MPL Account.

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